Finding the Sweet Spot

HexagonFrontWhether we’re talking about tube audio gear or solid state, what often limits a system’s performance is the number of connections that you can make between your components, and how long the individual runs need to be to reach them. Longer runs can mean a potential loss of audio integrity, and let’s not even get started talking about endlessly plugging and unplugging RCA jacks every time you want to listen to your turntable rather than your CD player. That’s where Hexagon hits the sweet spot.

While this unit is a departure from our typical audio gear offerings, Hexagon bridges that annoying gap many people have in their sound systems. It brings six input options to your set up – four balanced RCA inputs, two balanced XLR inputs, as well as two RCA outputs. And you can quickly and easily switch between them with a front facing selector dial. The XLR options let you make those longer runs while being less susceptible to noise pickup along the way. Better still, this unit is compatible with virtually any audio gear available today, solid state or tube based. Connect your entire system once, and enjoy all of it without any unplugging.

Hexagon incorporates a solid-state design that uses military spec components. There are no hookup wires involved – all components from the precision selector switch to the gold-plated RCA and Nutrik XLR sockets are mounted directly to their individual printed circuit boards. The entire circuit was designed to eliminate background noise, and the bi-polar power supply utilizes low noise voltage regulators and a wealth of filtering. And coming in at a mere 9”x12”, it’s an easy fit just about anywhere.

Learn more about Hexagon as well as all of our custom designed, handcrafted audio gear at If you have questions or would like more information, send us an email at, or use the contact form available on our website. Don’t waste a minute more of your listening time.